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What Is HTC Elevate?

HTC Elevate is a private, members-only community for our top fans and supporters from around the world. If you're reading this, we could be talking about you! HTC values authenticity and personal connections with our customers – these are two of the driving forces behind this community

How Do I Get Access?

The best way to request access is to follow @HTCelevate on Twitter. While Twitter is the best way for you to tell us why you'd like to join the community,  you can also email us at elevate@htc.com and tell us why you're HTC's most passionate fan!

What is HTC Elevate All About?

  • Hear the latest HTC product news and updates direct from the company
  • Receive direct access to HTC team members
  • Provide feedback directly back to HTC
  • Opportunities to partner with HTC and shape the future of the brand
  • Access to exclusive, member-only events
  • Giveaways and random acts of awesomeness